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2002-10-01 06:35:21 (UTC)

Nobody cares

I met an amazing girl named Lizzy. She is just great. She's nice to talk to, nice to hang out with and nice to lay down on my couch and fall asleep on my couch with. It is very rare when I find someone whom I feel I can let my guard down around, Lizzy made me feel like I could. I was happy, then she told me that she doesn't want anything to happen between us for now. I would have no problem with that, but now it seems like instead of just being "for now", it looks like never. She seems to be so uninterested in me and it is tearing me apart. She says that she doesn't want a relationship at the moment nd hat she just wants to make more friends, but I need someone right now. Someone to care about me, someone to love me. Why are my needs never important? No one ever writes me, calls me, asks me how I'm doing, what I've been up to. Well, except for Jenna, but me and her haven't been talking much lately due to our schedules. I really like Lizzy. I don't know what to do. The feeling of being insignificant is something I wish upon nobody. It is a feeling that rips at your soul like a blood thirsty demon and you can do nothing to stop it. Oh well, another sad chapter in my life, one that doesn't show sign of ending anytime soon. I wish I had someone that loved me in this world. I'm sick of being alone and unloved.

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