Drama Queen

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2001-07-29 21:26:41 (UTC)


This probation period sucks. I don't know even know if we'll last but
it's worth a try. He's been pretty nice to me, I guess reality is
hitting him. Yesterday I went to coworkers house and she's got some
issues. We were drinking and then she got drunk and started ballin.
She was already have problems with her husband b4 we got there but
the alcohol just intensified it. She's extremely depressed. She's had
4 abortions and 6 miscarriages to include 2 stillborn babies. Now she
wants a baby so bad but she feels like she doesn't deserve it because
she's killed so many babies. Whoa! I mean and here I am sitting with
my beautiful baby and I know she's envious. She asked if she could be
my son's spiritual godmommy. I said yes. She the reason for her last
abortion was beacause she didn't want to have another still born at 6
month gestation. I completely understand her on that. But I told her
she don't know if she can't go full term until she tries. DRAMA!