Dark Thoughts
2001-07-29 21:17:09 (UTC)


I am very tired today. I woke up at 11am again, after going
to bed at 4:30am. Boy, that sounds familiar :P I haven't
slept in for days! I can't take this, it's too much, or not
enough, or something really bad. Ugh.
At noon I went to my friend's fam reunion with her. Her
family's cool, most anyway. I stuffed my face, and had the
most delicious cheesecake in the world! Cheesecake is a
godly food.. oh yea.
After that we went to WalMart, she bought 2 new Dean Koontz
books, I didn't get anything, it sucks being broke *sigh*
We were wanting to do something this evening, but there's
nothing to do, so chances are we are just going to sleep
the evening away. Untill midnight of course, then we'll be
up till 7am, and then hopefully, for the first time in
forever, I might sleep in tomorrow!
It's 5pm, my mom will be home from work in about an hour.
Right now my dad is working on a model boat, he scratch
builds them and then sells them.
After I finish this entry, I'm definately going to flip
some music on then going to bed for the rest of the day. I
hate Sundays. I always hated Sundays. They suck. You can
never do anything because a)everything closes early and b)
it's the day right before Monday so you spend the entire
day worrying about tomorrow. I hate Mondays more than
Sundays though. I think most everybody will agree that
Mondays are hell. No, they're more than just hell. They're
the first day of the work week.
I'm looking for a used car to buy. It has to be black, and
I'd perfer it to be a bug. Specificly a 60s bug, I like the
ones now-a-days, but nothing can beat the old classics.
Well my brain's telling me it's time to sleep, it's been
screaming that for days. I'm out.
WEARING: jeans, yellow shirt
FEELING: what else? tired..