The Sexy Blonde
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2002-10-01 05:51:12 (UTC)


School is going great, tonight my mom and I made my very
first mum, almost a $70.00 project, and we had fun doing it
together and buying everything we needed. Jose and I went
out of town, not last weekend but the one before it, this
last weekend we went to a parking lot next store to a club
called Kellers, and hopped cars, and I video taped the
whole thing with our camcorder. Nothing really has been
going on with me. Chameria and i walked to McDonalds
earlier and had gotten some icecream and I went and talked
to Benito my boyfriends old friend from high school.

Jose and I are doing great. It is my birthday in 2 1/2
weeks and he wants to take me out of town the weekend
before my birthday to a car hopping show! I really need to
lose some weight, I feel so fat, and I don't want to feel
fat on my birthday!
Well I need to get going, buh bye, and goodnight.
God Bless all!