Paradise HAHAHA
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2002-10-01 04:55:25 (UTC)

The Big Move

I moved from moms house in Fremont to Lace's home in
Rohnert Park. Its kinda odd being on my own and living so
far from mom. But its nice. I just dont like how I'm
treated here. I feel like my every move is being watched
and that I'm not trusted at all. I do like my new job tho.
I'm a vet tech and work 4 10 hr shifts a week. which is
nice. More timr off for me. Phil came up this past weekend
and brought Brigit up also. Damn shes getting huge. We
went an checked out some places out here for rent. We
found 3 really nice places for around 1100-1300. The last
place we looked at was really nice and roomy and luxury.
We both were in awww. We looked at someother places too
but didnt really like them too much. I have to do somemore
hunting if we dont pass the application process for
Moutainview Villas. We are both pertty excited about
moving in together. Brigit is going to come up and live
with me once everything gets settled and everything. No
one knows about me moving so soon. I havent said anything
because I know Lacey would flip. I really dont want to
hear it from her. Once everything is set and cleared and
all that good stuff I'll go and tell them. But til then
its all silnece. I have go now good night mo

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