Mind of a Wierdo
2001-07-29 19:56:02 (UTC)

Uhhh so how many?

Okay I havent been writing in this thing for a few days.
And I ummm cant remember how many I missed. But I think I
missed Saturday. O wait.... hahahah here I thought I missed
like ten days. No wait I missed Friday too. OTAY I kno
where I be.

Okay Friday!~
Well Banana came over today and we hung out for awhile.
Then we went to the bus stop to wait for Daria and Chris.
(I gotts a new name for him. Its Pooky! hehe) Okay well we
all went back to Daria's and Chris's house and hung out
there for a while. Then me and Banana came back to my house
and hung out for a while. Then we went to the mall. We saw
Planet of the Apes. And made fools out of ourselves in
Media Play. Haha it was fun though. Then we went home.
Around 8 or so I went to my moms house and then we went to
the hospital. My sister got an infection from a bug bite
and the cut out a lil piece of her leg. She sat there and
watched them take it out and all. Now she got a hole in her
leg the size of a dime. Doctor said she was the bravest
patient, she didn't even flinch. Then while I was leaving I
got a call from Chris. O happy Day. hahaha okay well we
talked for about 8 minutes and he said he was goin to call
me back at 10:30. But that never happened. So I ended up
goin to sleep at like 2:30 in the morning.

Woke up at 8:30 and got dressed cus I was goin to a Bridal
Faire. YIKES! And before that my mom asked me if I was
serously goin to marry Chris. I just gave her a confused
empty look. and asked her why? She said well some people
plan their weddings 2 to 3 years in advance. Uhh yea! Well
went to that at 10 and got back around 3. Then on the 12th
of August if I am back on time I have to go to another one.
Then I went home to my moms house and played with Sarah.
Sarah is a cute lil Boxer. She has a light brown coat. She
belongs to my second to the oldest brother Tony. Which
reminds me .... I am goin to be an Aunt again. His Fiancee
is expected. Ahhh too many lil brats. Hehehe it is okay
tho. Hehe. Well I was playin with Sarah for awhile and I
feel asleep with the dog next to me. I woke up around 6 cus
I had to go to a birthday party. It was for my friend
Julie. I have known her for about 6 years now. So I went to
her party. I kno she had a lot of fun. and even thought I
sat in the corner and just watched I was happy because I
like to see my friends having fun. She is into pop music so
that is what they played the entire time. It didnt strike
my fancy but I listened to it anyway. I couldn't close my
ears cus it was really loud. Other then that I dont think I
will ever stay 5 hours at one of those parties again,
unless I kno other people who are there. The thing is I
knew NO ONE who was at her party. Except her and this other
girl named Kim. but they were off mingling and I was out of
place anyway cus I was the only girl in baggy pants and big
shirt. Everyone else was dressed like they were at a dance.
But I stayed because it was her party and I got home and
fell asleep. I attempted to stay awake to come online but I
couldnt do it.

OO that is today. Well so far I got an email from Chris.
and I chatted with Daria for awhile. She is in Puerto Rico
and she was Online. Then again it is pouring rain over
there and they happened to go during Hurricane Season. So
she is planning on staying in the room because it is
supposed to be like that the entire time they are there.
Then I read some of my friends Die-aries. TIMMY's and
KITTY's. I didnt like some of their entries. Well the
recent ones. TIMMY feeling that he didnt mean something to
our lives. And KITTY seemed like she went into a breakdown
of problems. By the way TIMMY, the other day I was talkin
to everyone that was at the goin away party, both of them,
and they all say hi! They are just very busy people. To all
of us you DO mean something. And KITTY, you are a great
person. This dark and light thing means nothing. Opposites
attract. Dark and Light can be one. It just makes gray.
:o). Cheer up woman. I am goin to get you out of your
house. And make you have fun. We can go on the carousel
again. Hehehe. Well for now ......... till then