lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-10-01 03:50:59 (UTC)

there's nothing better

i don't want to go to homecoming...ok? haha everyone
else and their mother is going to ours but i don't really
care cuz i don't want to go super-badly. so i'm ok. ok?
don't ask me if i'm sure, cuz i'm sure. i'm not going.

besides, i have a whole bundle of other things to work
through before my mind is cleared...hehe...ahh sweet
sassy molassy.

today was a good day. i found the receipt for my
straightener and traded it straight up (fendy-style) for a
new one & i'm glad. school pics are tomorrow & my fro
gets bigger every day. haha.

umm and i bought my dad his bday present...the o
brother soundtrack. mm. and i thought this guy at
wherehouse was cute until he told me he'd just gotten
his tongue pierced...and i was like ew. guys should not
do that. so besides being heathen, less than five feet
tall, a raging alcoholic, or bisexual, i've decided i am
adding guys with pierced tongues to my "EWWW

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