Deep Thoughts and such...
2001-07-29 19:18:00 (UTC)

First Day Sunday July, 29 2001

Well, today begins the first day of many of my journal
writings. I got my learner's yesterday even though I should
have had it since I was 15 and I'm just 18 now. I'll be 19
on January 17. It's raining outside and that sucks....makes
it cold and the rents won't like turn off the air. Anyways
I don't have all that much more to write. I mainly came up
with doing this out of the blue because I'm waitin for my
baby to come back and talk to me. I miss Jessi so damn much
sometimes. I miss her all the time but I miss her more than
most during certain times for some reason. I guess stuff
reminds me of her at times. Anyways, I love her and that's
all that matters because that won't ever change.