The Communist Corner
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2002-10-01 02:49:26 (UTC)


Well, today was exciting. I talked to Nic today. He told
me turn on my webcam, and then he was like lets play a
game. I was like "umm ok" and hes like "lets play hangman"
me, still totally confused thinking this kid is a nut said
ok. So we did. and when I figured it out, he asked me out,
and i told him " :-D hold on, I need to freak out for a
second" Then a while after, I came back and said yes!! I'm
so happy. We actually haven't known each other that
long...but we connected. I like him a lot.
We're goign to hang out this Friday at the MU again. I
think this time will be a *little* bit funner, since we're
a couple now.

Me so happy