No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-10-01 02:19:58 (UTC)

2 months!

sorry (again) that its been so long! was a pretty bad day...
i cut myself shaving
my contacts were giving me probs
i saw a dead cat on the way to school (in case u arent kool
enough to be privy to this info: my 1 superstition is
seeing roadkill in the morning=a bad day!)
i used marys eyedrops in 1st and my eye dilated REALLY bad
so i went home
mary called me from school crying bc craig has a gf
i had to call in sick to work to go to the dr.
mary dumped sean (no comment)
...after that it was ...ok...
me dre and mike went to jds to chill with jd sean and tim
then we all (-tim) went to kims ...just so u know...her
house is extremely large yet empty and her car is really
nice but she cant drive it (95[?] eclipse gsi...shes too
short, doesnt have her license, its stick and has no gas!)
now im home! yay (not the sarcasm)
i talked to jays new gf mandy online today...she seems nice.
BED TIME! gnight