A Princess
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2001-07-29 18:00:31 (UTC)

DAY 15

MIKES BACK!yay,hehe anywayz...Today my cuz stopped by and we
had a girlie chat, seems she used to knoe james caradine and
he fancied her but she doesnt like the gaps in his
teeth...She told him that a bunch of girls used to like him
and he was like the best guy in the skool and he was really
suprised awwww, then I told her where he worked and now
we're gonna visit him, muhahahah at last an excuse to
introduce myself, wait she said she told him my cousin and
her friends are the girls, so thats bad...Itz k cos he has a
g/f and im taken too :) I was thinking about setting him up
with carly cos she really likes him :) We were talking about
winston too, she knows him and my otha cousin too, she likes
him, hes got such a big head but thats kinda attractive in a
guy...She was talking about how she had some of his
popper,lol its supposed to be legal...uh-hu... She was also
inviting me to a party,lol na thanx :)LALALALALA Wonder
where chris is :( Anywayz cant think of what else to say so

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