Hobbes' Diary
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2002-10-01 00:29:32 (UTC)


i'm way happy. finally i'm going out with nick. :D *ish
very happy* and it's adorable too. i mean we've got so
much in common. i' really happy to find at least one
person in this world who's in the least like me. it's nice
to know. and i mean i can talk to him without having to
worry about what i'm saying. he takes it like it is and
that's very cool. i wish there were more ppl's in the
world like him. britton and katy go out now. *blech* i
feel sry for the poor soul. oh well. if he wants to die a
slow death after he breaks up with her, that's his
problem. lol! i've been out of riding for quite some time
with all my mono and stuff. i miss pharo. i really do.
he's was the best! and he always got me good ribbons. you
gotta love a horse that'll do that. i'm going out tomorrow
since everythin's cleared up....anywho.
i gtg
more later!!

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