Happy days, and then those other ones
2002-10-01 00:13:45 (UTC)

mononucleosis and me

I told Dustin that I had mono and he got all worried
because he hasn't had it. Though he could have still been
a carrier, so I said that. He said he hasn't kissed
anyone but me in a year. You can get mono from drinking
from the same cup or eating someone's left over bagel, I
said. Yeah, sure, likely story, he answered. I don't
like telling him my news when he has a bad day. Okay,
well I realized today that I did kiss anthony the last
week in July and that it is entirely possible that he gave
it to me. I'm not about to tell Dustin that I kissed
another guy just a few weeks before the camping trip, even
if he would really have nothing to say about it cuz i
didn't do anything wrong... it's not my fault he hasn't
kissed another girl in a year. At that time I hadn't even
spoken to him in like half a year. But anyways, I doubt
much that it was Anthony, or just hope that it wasn't.
Imagine if instead of having mono, I was pregnant and had
this same problem only, well, a little bit different.
God, I'm glad I'm a virgin and not a whore. If instead
of "who gave me mono" I was asking "who knocked me up" I
would be a prime candidate for Maury Pauvich. I feel
really sorry for those girls now. Shit. Why did I have
to go and kiss him in the first place. I wish Dustin
would just say, yeah, i had mono in may and it was
probably me who gave it to you, or that he would just
think, though it's called the kissing desease, you can get
it other ways. Or he wouldn't care how I got it and be
like, oh, you're sick, i'm sorry, i wish i could be there
to make you feel better. Nope. He had a bad day, so he
just added his suspicion of his girlfriend cheating on him
to the list cuz it would get more sympathy. I'm sorry
that he had a bad day, and i'm sorry that he thinks i
cheated on him (did i? i don't think so...) and i really
really hope it doesn't make him think i love him any less
than i do because I do love him. Boys. I don't get
them. they frustrate me. a lot. plus he's too good at
kissing (and other things) to believe that it's been a
year. plus you can be a carrier longer for over a year...
you keep it in you all your life. Plus... Plus...
Plus... Anthony wanted to kiss me and I said yes and I
just wanted to watch Harry Potter and I didn't want him to
kiss me and why do guys fall for me and then just stay
hooked like that? I mean, did I really want to get a
letter while I was in France from Steve saying I regret I
never kissed you? What is so great about kissing? It
only gets you mono. And maybe I just got it from sharing
a coke bottle with someone who didn't even know that that
boy they dated for a week had mono five months earlier
and. But I don't really care how I got it, I just want to
get over it, get back to as normal as possible life, and
kiss my boyfriend, the only boy I want to kiss for years
and years to come. So... put that in your pipe and smoke
it. I'd rather have Glacoma so I could smoke legally.
(does that law apply in Massachusetts? I could go to
Canada. I love Canada. OH CANADA!)