2002-10-01 00:00:02 (UTC)

Nervous :/

Well on Friday I got a supeona thingamajiger from court. My
dads court was today. My mom said I couldnt go so I didnt.
For once I actually listened to her. I dont know if my dad
got out im so scared to go home and him open the door I
wouldnt know how to react I dont want to see him ever
again. Ive put up with his shit too much. Im at my cousins
house with my sisters my mom is gonna pick us up on her way
home. I dont know what I am going to do yet. Today
afterschool I talked shit to Sniper. I really didnt mean it
but today isnt a good day. Me and him usually play around
fighting and stuff but today I just couldn't take it. It
was like it was okay for me to talk shit to him and stuff
but I didnt want him to play around like that. When he said
fuck you baby to me playing around and tryed to hug me I
pulled away and he said your going back to your old ways.
Which for some reason ticked me off and I said and you
havent changed your bitchy ways for shit. Which I really
didnt mean because through all this drama hes the one thats
been there for me the most besides my cousin and Fabiola. I
love him so much and I dont want to ever loose him. Well
peoplez thats all I can say for now until lataz. Fucken
Erik now I got bruises on my arm. lol. Muthafucka.