Nephanie's Life
2002-09-30 23:55:47 (UTC)


I got some beautiful cds today...Was very excited, listened
to em on the way to the eye place...I got so pissed of at
the eye place i had to sit there for an hour waiting for
these people...Then i get in there and the guy tells me
that he is going to try and pry my tear duck he
tells me it is going to sort of tickle..and let me tell you
it doesn't freaken tickle...i hurt so bad...i started
crying...and i smacked the guys hand away from me...he was
like shuving that probe into the corner of my hurt
so bad and i am all cryin and stuff and the guy goes, "Does
it really hurt? I thought for the most part it tickles".
That guy was so dumb! But now i have to go back and he says
he'll have to numb my eye and use scissors...Not cool..sort
of very nervous....ya...well..i'm out...

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