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2002-09-30 22:22:49 (UTC)

out at school

a lot more poeple know than i thought... it's not really
that big of a deal, and i don't mind so much anymore... i
am just afraid of the ridicule... people pretend to be
cool... but then they get all weird... i feel so dirty... like i
have done something wrong. oh, i hope i am doing
something right here.

you know, i worry far too much. i should just follow my
heart here, right? forget what other people think? do you
have any idea how hard that can be. i am torn, and i
have yet to talk to jen, of which i need desperately to
do... i need some lesbian guidance, haha! also, i think i
may give jason a call... i've been meaning to talk to
him... gosh, i think he really needs to know...

more people to the know list, as far as i know...
18. Adam - haha! hannah thought i liked him and he
said, i'm pretty sure she doesn't... i think it's funny!
19. fronk... i know... mistake to say the least
20. sara o
21. lindsay neyens
22. apparently bo told abby meyer, i think
23. george
24. that one girl in cubbies
25. jensen, i think, i don't like him hating me
26. sara alexander
27. jason lapage... what an ass!
28. JAX
29. matt boleyn... he's a riot
30. does that mean hannah knows too? oh i hope not, she's all
religious about stuff... she makes me feel bad...

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