2001-07-29 14:35:25 (UTC)

i miss you. and thats about all..

i miss you.
and thats about all i really have to say about it baby.
you know.
i just find it hard to believe that this really happened.
to us.
in a way i think its a good thing.
i mean...
were going to be okay.
and were not going to leave each other.
and everything will be fine.
we still need to sort of some things...
get rid of resentment.
or try to anyway.
because you were always first for me..
you know.
and the only thing i couldnt change.
was what mattered the most to you.
i swore to myself that i would never change.
for anyone.
im trying to change this.
im trying to change that part of me with this new
for me.
because i want to be with you..
and i know that it means a lot to you.
and now i suppose
it means a lot to me.
but no matter what happens in the future.
no matter who youre with.
or i am with.
i will always love you.
wheather i want to or not..
youre different from everyone else.
and i mean all of this.
and so yeah..
were going to be alright.
you know..
we will be.
itll just take some time
and a whole lot of
not giving up.