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2002-09-30 21:55:09 (UTC)

Alot Has Been going on!

Is it possible to be in love at the age of 15? I really
think that I'm in love with my best friend. He's great, I
always want to be with him, and when im with him im so
happy. The major problem is that he doesn't feel the same
about me. The relationship I have with him is very
different. We are best friends with many benifits. He says
he doesnt Love me but when ever he finds out about me and
another guy doing something he freaks out. Like when he
found out me and my friend john kissed, he Spazzed on me!
he was like "OMG i can't believe u would kiss him, never
will u kiss me again" i was like Ty chill out me and him
are friends, and we kissed. Also like two days ago he told
me i was playing can i be playing someone im not
going out with? i really dont get it. its very confusing to
me...ok well i have to get ready because this kid is
comming over to "chill" so i need to change into clothes
and do some homework, ok so i will finish this all later!

love always and forever