Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-09-30 21:54:13 (UTC)

I cant stand her

well, today was shitty, i started off my day with putting
orrange juice in a water bottle, and before i left the
house my mom was like "wats that" and i was like "orrange
juice" and she took it, smelled it and took a sip. turrns
out she thought i was drinking a screwdriver, i cabnt
belive it, now i really kno 4 a fact that she doesent trust
me. then after school, she tells me she's been doing the
one thing ii never ever wanted her to do, the one thing
that was still mine!!! she's been reading my poems!!! i
cant belive her, there my personal buisness, i cant belive
it, she's taken evorything personal i hav away from me,
that was all i had left, and she jus took it. i cant belive
she would read all of my pomes, ok right now she's pissing
me off, y cant she leav me alone??? she wont shut up, i
feel like crying now but i cant.