De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-07-29 13:23:09 (UTC)

International Evening

Thur-Sat 28/7/2001

These few days we were busy preparing, buying and
rehearsing stuff for the International Evening on Sat .

The fact that I am down with cough and mild flu didn't
helped. Anyway, the 5 of us, YL, SeYan, Prem and Nick ,
decided to make Rojak and Bubur Chacha as Singaporean
dishes to present on that nite..

You wun believe how hard issit to find simple ingrediants
like sago here. We hadta comb the town to chinese shops
inorder to locate em. Spent almost 2 days buying all the
stuff we need. Made me realli appreciate the convenience
back home!! We cant find any stalls selling Yew Char Kuay,
so in the end, we bought a dough mix to make em ourselves.

The stuff here are quite ex. Our ingrediants cost almost
$100!!! Jane, our warden, must surely pop her eyes when she
hears this... : P

For our performance, we decided to do a medley of 4 songs,
from the 4 main languages in Singapore, I hadta learn a
Tamil song in 1 night in order to sing and dance with
Premila...realli shacked... luckily i managed to memorise
the lyrics... : P

Sat morning, we were all busy cooking the dishes, It was
very fun to cook togehter, Hadta cut lotsa stuff and fry
beancurd etc.... we got to cook in the main kitchen , where
the kitchen staff helped us with many stuff... U get to see
pple from different nations all busy cookin in the
kitchen ...very interactive and fun... : )

The nite finally came, we went to the dining hall, all
dressed in formal wear, YL wore a Saree, Seyan was in a
CheongSam, Prem was in Sarong , Nick wore a suit while I
wore an Indian Jeppa (Formal wear) . We looked hilarious

The dining hall had flags of all the different nations of
the residient hung up. It was decorated to become very
classy as it was quite a big event here. The diplomats from
the diferernt nations were invited to the dinner.

The food of all the different countries were laid out on
the tables. We got to try so much delicious food!!! Realli
quite an unique experience. Our Yew Char Kuay turned out to
be like french fries, heheh, but our rojak tasted good
anyway : P

After dinner, it was performance time, we were quite
nervous..I was worried that I'd forget the lyrics.. but we
went on anyway,...the audience applaused at our tacky
perfoamances, very comedic they said : P The rest of the
nations performed too.. Ace sang a beautiful jazzy song
from Thailand,....I dunno how to desribe the evening... I
was realli priveliged to be able to experience that!!

We went on a minor celebration after the performance and
manaic phototaking : P... Went to this pub called One Red
Dog, as recommenedd by Nick and his bud, Allen, Allen had
lived in Wellington for 13 year!! althoguh he's
Singaporean.... this guy dirves his car like it's the
highway everywhere.... he accelerates and brakes like
nobody's business...realli good driver...but his driving
made me nauseous : P his car engines muz be modified....
his speed at 60kmph felt more than that : P

Realli a wonderful 3 days in prep for that international
night...although it's quite time consuming and shacked : P