De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-07-29 13:09:13 (UTC)

Intimate Evening

Wednesday 25th July

Nothing spectacular happened in the day.Just more
preparations for the Saturday's International Night

Evening was my second movie at the Wellington Film Fest.
But this time, I had company! Premila, the gal from
Singapore, happened to be watchin the same movie as well!
Finely , her floormate also joined us . All 3 of us were
rushig to the Embassy cinema as we were runnin late.

The Embassy was packed with pple. It must be a sellout
perfomance ... the movie onli started at 9pm although it
was supposed to at 830 cos the ushers were bz sittin pple
in the giantic cinema

The movie we watched was called's a tale of
how a married woman goes to a divorced man every wednesday
afternoon to have sex with him, and an insight to their
lives and past. The sex scenes were realli explicit. One
scene even had the actress doin real oral sex on the
actor!!! Quite unbelievable that they did not censor that.

But it was quite a disturbing movie, as Prem said, on how
the characters were so unsympathetic on others. Sex seems
to be the onli common acitiviy between the leads. Guess
that's a reflection on how society is today

After the movie we ate at this Burger King in an old bank
premise in Cuba Street..REalli beautiful interiors..Finely
is this cheerful Kiwi who is doin Political Science at Vic.
Both him and Prem seem to enjoy lotsa art-house movies.
Finally, found sommore movie buddies here!! So we talked
about movies we liked and also the music we listened too.

Well by the time we reached back Weir House , it was
already past midnight, so off to bed we went...

next time,,