I am a goddess
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2001-07-29 13:05:26 (UTC)

bored as hell

i am bored out of my brain, so bored that i may
spontaneously combust any second now. I was suposed to go
swimming today but can't cos i dyed my hair and it will go
green. Feel sick, can't decide how i feel about paul and
what to do about murdie, who basically put me thru a guilt
trip the other day cos i didnt want to go out with him. I
was nice too, didn't swear, wasn't a bitch, just told him
the truth. Can't think of anything to write neither, i ahte
men, especially wankers who think they are great, i.e paul
fucking anderson. all the dame i can't help being attracted
to him, Wank!!!!!!
i don't want to be, why can't i fancy someone like steven
who treats you lovely and is the nicest lad ever in the
whole world. Hate everything now. Especially u.