The Bumper Book Of Dreams
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2001-07-29 12:36:55 (UTC)

Space, The Final Frontier

This dream was really emotional and made me appreciate my
friends and family a bit more than I do. So in short,
here's what happened. It's the not so distant future and
Earthlings are colonising space. People are being chosen to
go live on some spaceship far out there and everyone I knew
was going. But I didn't really want to go because once you
were there, there was no coming back and I was afraid if I
went that I would never see Pallav again ( Pallav is major
love of life who had to move to London. Miss him dearly.
May never see him again etc..). So anyway, I was eventually
persuaded because everyone else was going so off we all
went and we were shortly living in outer space. But I was
really unhappy. And as I am with every situation I dislike,
I became extremely mopey and miserable. Eventually the
captain comes along and says he's sending some people back
because they aren't suited to this life. At this point I
panic because I fear I'll be sent back to Earth, the place
I never really wanted to leave so I start being nicer and
happier just to show I'm okay with the lifestyle. But alas
it's too late and the captain says I'm one of the 4 people
who'll be returning to Earth. I cried and wailed and
refused to leave. Afterall, there was nothing waiting for
me back on Earth. Pallav would still be in London living a
great life. Everyone else I knew was up here. I'd be all
alone on Earth. Even worse, nobody cared. My mother instead
of protecting me told me to listen to the captain and go.
Nobody else gave a damn whether I was there or not so it
seemed. So I was sent back to Earth. But I never made it
back due to our little ship being blown up. So I died,
alone. THE END.

That dream kinda sucked. Not just because I died in the end
but because even while I was up there I felt very alone. I
wandered around the ship looking for that special guy but
he wasn't there so I got desperate, decided to become a
lesbian and wandered around looking for that special girl,
but she wasn't there either. I guess that's just my fear of
ending up completely alone. Hopefully I won't but you never

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