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2002-09-30 19:50:00 (UTC)

The Day I Cut And Died

The Day I Cut And Died

Im sick of feeling like this
Now its ime to open my wrists
Let my blood flow
My pain will go
I will feel free
How i like to be
Holding the knife
I prepare to slice
Put the blade on my wrist
Press down and twist
I slice down my vein
Uncontrollabe pain
Ive never cut this deep
Blood starts to seep
Trickling slowly down my arm
What possesed me to self harm?
Now the blood is running faster
Turning into a major disaster
I can't stop the blood
If i could i would
My arm is coverd
Red and smotherd
Drip, Drip Drip,
It must stop quick
I try to stop it with a tissue
But this is a serious issue
My head is spinning without a doubt
I feel like im going to pass out
I stand up straight
Then i feint
I fall to the ground
With a huge banging sound
I land on the knife
Which i used to slice
My side is gashed
My face is bashed
Out cold on the floor
Blood spreading evermore
Time ticks by
Still i lie
An hour passes
My cut is massive
Up comes my mum
Shee sees what ive done
I come round
Loads of blood to be found
Mum is screaming
Pain im feeling
Everything is blurry
My speech is slurry
Sirens i hear
They ring in my ear
Two me arrive
Look at the knife in my side
They wisper to my mum
I feel stupid and dumb
I feint again
Re awake in pain
Coverd in bandages red
I feel lifeless and dead
Into accident and emergency i am rushed
Everyone looks at me in discust
Doctors try to bandage me up
Its no use the blood wont stop
Drugs im given
Pain im relieven
Into a ward i am taken
Where my mum is shocked and shaken
Doctors come in
Look at me like a sin
They tell me whats wrong
They go on and on and on
Then they tell me ive got Heamophillia
Oh my god Heamophillia
I find out my blood wont clot
This is why my blood wont stop
But before they can go on
Everything goes terriably wrong
My head feels like shit
I start to fit
My hear stops
They dont seemed shocked
They wouldnt care
If i died right there
My mum starts screaming
Guilt im feeling
Then my soul floats away
My life taken away
On the day i cut and died............

Dont worry im not depressed i just has something to write

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