2002-09-30 17:50:39 (UTC)

lalala bored

soo no school for me 2 day :oP... sux.. i had to do a paper
i finished tho..ne ways thats pretty much my day haha i got
bored so i decided to write in here lalala...i also didnt go
to sleep last night so thats another reason why i didnt go
to school... oo yea the last entry got messed up soo this
is what else happened friday....

soo those guys never showed and sarah called chrissy so we
went to visit (save)her ... so we went to VG* and chuck was
there too then sarah left w/ ally to go to the movies ...
and he had something.. but dont worry it was like
nothing :o).. then we just drove and talked for a while and
making jokes hehe. it was soo funny..ne ways then chrissy
sung 4 us shes soo good...grrr i wish i could sing :o(...
thats a bout it..o yea i was kinda mad that i didnt get to
go to this party but im over it ..well thats it 4 now.. im