ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2002-09-30 17:39:27 (UTC)


yay!!! today's a GOOD PICCOLO DAY!!! i just got out of
wind ensemble and i played the pain-in-the-ass passage
from the grainger on my piece-of-crap piccolo!!! go me!!!!
better yet, last night nikki is offering to sell me her
WOOD PIC for $1050. is that not a good price??? the
thing's worth at least $2000, maybe even more. :D

i also went to target last night. he he. i did my shopping
along with THREE other ppl's (maggie, abby and barret).
lol i was the last person on the bus. i got on and i was
carrying two huge bags and i was said "omg i am NEVER
shopping for THREE other ppl again!!!" really loudly to
margaret. some of the seniors were like "dang, she's
REALLY nice. . " so, yeah. . .i guess i got the vote
for 'nicest person on campus' for the month

i am sooo proud of myself cuz i actually finished a lesson
in chem EARLY. i usually finish on the due date, but not
this time!!! then again, all i had to do was 2 tutorials,
an online quiz (i got a 90%!!!) and participate in a
discussion about moles (not the damn animal!!!). nothing
overly hard or complicated. but the next lesson is hard as
shit: TWO labs, an assload of tutorials, and i think a few
discussions and quizzes. damn. at least itz not due til
the 10th. goody for me. i am not going to get behind or
turn anything in late for this lesson.

last night i talked to one of the grads from the inuagural
class. he's at the citadel in pb company. he seems really
nice. he's apparently good friends with matt. yay.

enough of my aimless rambling. . .hopefully tonight's
choir rehearsal will be good. i really like choir. my
range is coming back :).


"How in one night did we come so far?"
-Miss Saigon