Why Me?
2001-07-29 07:12:08 (UTC)

So, Here I Am Again..


As I was kicked off before, I didn't get to finish. First
and foremost, allow me to apologize for not having an
interesting life. Basically all I can write about for now
is myself. That's not exactly a package deal. However,
Diary, should you want a physical description, here goes:
I'm short - around 5'2" - , have shoulder length
light/medium brown hair, have blue eyes that change colors
from anywhere from blue to green to gray (they usually match
my mood, for example, icy crystalline blue eyes mean I'm
really depressed or sad), and am kinda pudgy (not fat, but
by no means skinny - let's be honest!). Also, I have
freakishly red cheeks. I swear, I am always blushing!
People make fun of me for it. To be honest, I'd call myself
pretty ugly. My parents are making me play volleyball.
It's okay, I guess, after one gets past the incessant
giggling and constant team spirit. Myself, I hate loud
noises and the whole 'go team!' thing sure as hell isn't for
me. I want to be a writer, but because I write really bad
(trust me on this one, Diary), I'll be a pyschologist.
That'll be cool. Well, that's basically all there is to me,
here's some descriptions of the people I am around the most:
Mom: Vada, 4'11", round, thin funky blond hair (even I don't
know if it's fake!), blue eyes, usually pretty cool but can
be annoying
Dad: Ron, around 6'2", fat, had a brain tumor and almost
died, brown hair, blue eyes, I hate him now even though we
used to be really close - over protective
Brother: Kenny, around 5'11", fat but working on slimming
down - getting those muscles (sort of :), used to be a
football player, graduated this year, blue eyes, my color
hair, rosy cheeks like mine, red goatee, is mean to me but
we get along a little better than we used to, people say we
look a lot alike but we don't
Dog: Freddy, weiner dog, russet-brown fur, cute and pretty
smart, but gets annoying when he takes up half the bed
Mother Cat: Sammy, Russian Blue, silvery-blue fur, adorable,
lovable, lazy, the epitome of all great cats!
Baby Cat: Ralph or Baby. Her name is Baby, but before we
knew her sex, we named her Ralph - she LOOKS like a Ralph.
She's half Tabby, half Russian Blue. She has a pink nose, a
white face, her feet are white, and her stomach is white.
The rest is Tabby-gray with faint stripes running through.
She's still too hyper for my taste, but is calming down.
Grandmother: Nana! Mom's mom. Nana is awesome, that's all
there is to it.
Grandfather: Pappaw. Mom's dad. He's cool - pretty old, but
he was in the WW2 and speaks a little bit of French with me,
basically just "Parlez-vous francais, Mademoiselle?". Also,
he's got an awesome mustache.
Aunt: Suzz. Mom's sis. She's cool - people say I act like
her a lot.
Cousin: Travie (Travis). He's like 11, I used to hate him
but now he's my li'l bud. He's got red hair and I hope to
corrupt him!
Uncle: Jimbo. Lives on the hill, is cool and funny, dad's
Cousin: Kenna. Kenna is 4 and can be really bratty and
annoying, but is so damned cute. Yeah, I'm gonna corrupt
this one, too.
*There is more family, but these are the people I always
Best Friend: Joey. (This is a girl). She's cool - just
like me except with darker hair, taller, and brown eyes.
We're together so much, people think we're sisters. We
fight like it, too.
Best Friend's Mom: Mom or Janet. She's cool. I like 'er!
Best Friend's Dad: Dad or Joe. He's cool and designs boats
and builds little ones and plays in a really cool band.
That's about all. Joey has two birds, but I don't like
them, they're loud. They're names are Tiki and Fabana.
Tata for now.
God, I'm sorry to anyone who has read this. It's gay, I
know, but what can I do? This is my life, people. Be happy
I left out all the stuff I did, because this little thing
could have lasted for forever. From this point on, I vow to
only write about events in my day, crap like that - so you
may never hear from me again, because events don't just
happen in my day. So, see ya. Love ya, and well, usually
people say God Bless here, but I don't really believe in
that kinda stuff (might possibly explain later...). So see
ya, love ya, and I bless ya!