files of the weenie kid
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2002-09-30 16:17:20 (UTC)

bombs over broadway

LIFE IN GENERAL:Dang, yesterday sucked. I was at home, and
me and my mom were talking, then she said something, and I
couldn't stop crying, I didn't want her to know i was sad,
so i asked her if I could go skate.... so I left, and i
really didn't feel like skating at all, so I walked around
Manteca for 2 1/2 hours trying to calm myself down. Then
finally when I was good, I ran into my friend bones. I
don't think he knew I was crying though.

MY LOVE LIFE: Currently, my love life hasn't changed much.
I'm still don't have one. I might on Saturday... I don't
know yet. I probably could have done something about it
yesterday if i wasn't crying all day.

Well, i have to go clean my house before i go babysit. Wish
me luck!!!


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