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2001-07-29 07:02:53 (UTC)


Ok this is my first ever entry in any online diary.
how exciting;)

i think i will give a brief sumarry of my life right now and
also warn you that i am a terrible speller. i am going into
9th grade and i am a little nervous about it. i have a decent
amout of friends and one best friend who i tell absolutly
every thing.
the major problem in my life right now is me not being able
to be myself at school. its like im so afraid of messing up
that i dont really say much i have a reputation for being all
sweet and quiet but im still relativly popular. it wierd.

hey, this online journal thing is easy to get used to.
i like it.

i want to know what age you think is appropriate for say
someone giving someone a handjob. my bff gave one to her ex.
after they broke up and they are both 13. she told me i am
really inocent (another part of my rep.) one other thing is
that alot of my guy friends will like try to feel up on me
and my girls and i m the only one who says no(thats why i say
the guys r my friends they think my girls are sluts and i get
some respect.) ANYWAY

Ive gotta go
luv ya


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