Theories, Thoughts, & What Ifs
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2001-07-29 06:10:11 (UTC)

If They Knew You The Way I Know You

I still remember how happy I was when he came home. I
remember the way I would greet him. I can still picture the
twinkle in his eyes and the way the corners of his mouth
would start to curl up into a smile. So many memories... so
many happy times that definitely outweigh the sad and awful

Always so loving, never angry. Patience is what made
everyone want to be by him. Never one to raise his voice to
me or anyone else. I can`t help but think of these times.

And then I look at what it`s really like for you now. The
whithered hands that have trouble doing the simple tasks,
and the frustration you don`t let us see (but we all know
is there). The smiling happy face, that every now and then,
is doused with confusion. And the voice that used to make
everyone obey him, now struggling to articulate simple
phrases. Even through all of this, he laughs.

I just wanted to let everyone out there who`s reading this
know how much I love you Grandpa. And I wish that everyone
knew you the way I know you.