The Story of Me
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2001-07-29 05:54:16 (UTC)

Society Sucks.

This will be my last entry for the night. The one where I
usually wind down before I go to bed and express all of the
crazy thoughts I've had throughout the day...

Watched a movie tonight. Save The Last Dance. I really
enjoyed that movie. Watched it with my brothers, and a
comment that one of them was wrong. It shows what
kind of children that are being raised these days. Quite

The movie is based on an inter-racial relationship. Well,
it's an underlying theme of the movie anyway. In one of the
scenes, Derrick is teaching Sarah how to dance. Derrick
just happens to be black, and Sarah is white. (of course
you know this if you've seen the movie)...but as they are
dancing, one of my brothers said this, and I quote
him "That's gay, all he is doing is trying to make her act
black." ACT BLACK? Please tell me how anyone can act a
color? Because someone listens to hip-hop music and dances
to the beat of the music, that means that they are "acting
black"? Well, I'm sorry, then I have been "acting black"
for a long time now. I love hip-hop music. Not all of it,
but most of it, the songs that have a good beat that I can
dance to. And I love to dance. If that is "acting black"
then I don't know what "acting white" is supposed to be
like. Apparently in order to "act white" we all have to
have our hair in pigtail braids, with one tooth missing
saying..."ahh...paw, I've finished churning the butter."
That and marrying our cousin or something.

I'm sorry...I kinda went off there. But I hate how some
people can be so ignorant. Granted, my brother is 13...but
seriously. I am not a racist. I don't conform to any elite
group. I don't judge on color or gender or sexual
preference. Stereotypes are way too overplayed. The fact
that my brothers won't befriend a person who is homosexual
because they are afraid they will hit on them is enough for
me to be disgusted. And that they figure that because a
person is black, that they are all trouble making, drug
dealing, drive-by shooting thugs. Society sucks.

But it's all a cycle right? It stems from our parents.
Their parents used to think the same way too. BREAK THE
CYCLE!! That's what I am trying to do. Shows how narrow
minded people are when you aren't exposed to it. I miss the
city, I miss the diversity. I miss college for the same
reason. Classes were filled with people with all different
backgrounds. I loved that.

So I guess I had racial issues on the brain tonight. If
anyone is reading this and is offended, I'm sorry. I don't
mean to offend anyone. I'm not judgemental, and this issue
really ticks me off.

We should all be blind. Then there would be no way for
people to be judged by color. But then again, we would all
have to be deaf too, because people can be accused
of "talking white" or "talking black"...and still...society

That's all for tonight. Goodnight.