The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-07-29 05:48:45 (UTC)


I am talkin to this kid named austin right now who is from
utah. yes another american friend that i cant see. he is a
year younger than me but he is so cool and funny and fun to
talk to . i need more guy friends like thie in canada,
dammit. and i was thinkin alot about jeff the last few
hours. ihave been playin back memories which is makin me
even more sadder but i just love remembering being with
him. i was always happy. he was just so cute and loveable.
man i miss him tonz. and i am gonna get the pics developed
which willl make me miss him more once i see him again. i
will have a picture of him to cry over now instead of just
a memory picture, so no doubt more tears will be shead
before i get over jeff. i just wish i could see him one
moree time just so i could have one last hug and one last
kiss and one last hand held and one last cuddle and i am
about to cry too late i am now. who am i kiddin i need
this guy
just one last cuddle............