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My Affairs with MARRIED WOMEN
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2002-09-30 12:25:52 (UTC)

Secret Affairs with Married Women Section 1 Part M

As we reaffirmed our affectionate for each other Karen and
Holly used me as their play toy taking turns riding the
Horsey. Then they both kissed and licked and suck on my
cock as I took turns eating them out and working my
Vibrating Jelly silcone dildo in their asses. Both wanted
my cock in their asses so I teased them a little then got
into Karen's ass after greasing her up with vaseline.
Holly under Karen hugged and kissed each other as I worked
on karen's tight butt, after fifteen inutes I exploded and
shot my wad in her. I kept in her ass then peed in her
which she loved Then it was Holly's turn and it took a
while getting in to her ass without hurting her I should
have given her a enema to relax her asshole, but anyway I
got my big cock in her as she said it is bigger in her ass
than her pussy. I asked her why she thought that? Karen
licked her pussy as I pumped m cock in her feeling she at
a turd in her. Yep should have given her a enema! I cummed
the gave a a golden enema as I peed in her ass. She liked
it. Then she and Karen went into the bathroom giving each
other enemas as I slept.

More later

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