Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-09-30 11:42:24 (UTC)

Actually in Michigan

Hey well ok frank and missa came to kentucky to
get me last wednesday its crazy, now i am staying at
missa's house and hanging out with them everyday. Fun fun I
went to homecoming and wore missa's dress and shoes and
such but the dance itself was kinda dull dinner before and
the sleep over at missa's including me, shannon b., jennie,
megan and missa rocked though. In the morning Frank came in
and him and dan carter brought us milk and donuts, frank of
course woke me up with the milk but its all good. Im so
sick I got like strep throat or tonsilitis or something its
starting to get better now though i can actually eat some
solid foods before i could only eat like soup. I miss Devon
so much i love him more then anything but i know that i am
going to cry so hard when i have to leave....all of my
friends are here i have no true friends in kentucky they
all just tolerate me cuz im with devon its annoying...IM
ACTUALLY IN SCHOOL HAHA yeah see what happens when aleisha
goes to school mom? im a dork anyways gonna go do something
else. LATE

Mood:longing, happy, aggrevated
Song:"Hollywood"-Eminem or whatever its called

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