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2001-07-29 05:15:04 (UTC)


love is something no one will ever understand, i mean like
some people say it doesnt last forever. but i look at how
people can grow old with someone. and be sepreated by
death. but i mean like sometimes the one person you love
can be your only enemy, its all confusing. i am in love
with someone who i want to be with for the rest of my life.
i wonder if it will work out. if he is the one. i feel that
he is. i often question love though. its confusing and hard
but i mean like thats what its all about. it brings out the
silliness in you. like it just completely changed me. all i
care for is him. i wish i could go to bed with him everyday
wake up next to him everyday. his face being the first
thing i see in the morning would be a dream come true. i
wish everyone could feel love at one point in there life.
its amazing. i was so scared to fall in love but i mean
like i said to myself im going to see where this goes and
look where it took me. im in love and i love it. im in love
with love. but anyway let me stop writing. im gonna go to
sleep. i love you chris!!