Sporty Tomboy

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2001-07-29 05:10:25 (UTC)

My hero

It's hard to visit a close friend from your old school and
have them tell you one of the greatest people in the world
who you love has cancer!! ahh I love Pat he's so great and
I will help him through this I know he will make it. GO
PAT!!! You rock and ya know it!

Well, I want to thank all the people who have helped him
through this time and who have been here for me, thanks
guys i couldn't have survived without you. I know I'd be
crazy right now if you weren't there to cry with and
support me through this time it's been hell and I don't
want to keep imagining the horrible time Pat has to go
through. Pat is strong always been the tough guy we all
know him to be :) come on mr sports I miss you and I know
your gonna do great! I LOVE YA *BIG BIG BIG HUG* We will
all be there for you through everything and of course ya
know we won't ever stop cheering for ya at your games with
all our school spirit! We have always been there and always
will be... forever. Your games, hangouts by your locker,
your kickass parties... everywhere we will be there with
ya. I love ya more then you can ever imagine so keep
fighting kid! I miss ya and I will be there soon.. I
promise. :) *kiss for ya*

Your the biggest role model of my entire life.. you are so
strong and everyone should look up to you. I'm so very
proud of you.. you are the most amazing person I have ever
met and you should never ever forget that!

Pat, You are my hero.