whats happenin
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2001-07-29 05:04:05 (UTC)

what a day..

ok yesterday at the woods i accidently threw gum on the
church lawn and i was too lazy to pick it up. also this guy
kinda made me give him head, even though i was kinda fucked
up. well today i feel like im being punished for doing both
those things. jessica is so pissed at me, but fuck her. she
calls me up and sayin shit. im like bitch go away. me and
jon got in a fight over him smoking weed. drugs are stupid.
so i go to the mall and i try to buy something for my
brother, but what i get, my mom says its stupid and dumb..
it pissed me off cus my brother already like hates me. so i
cried, and cried, and now i gotta return that shit. :sigh:.
i dunno what to give him, i should just give him like all
my money. geez. well i tell arron why i was upset this
morning and he gets all pissy. damnit damnit damnit. he
hates me now. again. :sigh:. why cant i just.. UGH!!! well
talking to clayton my boyfriend on the phone for the 1st
time made me feel alot better. hes all nervous and cute
lol. when i had to go hes like "ok.. um, bye" and i
said "hehe bye" and he goes "bye, um, love you" and i
laughed a little and he laughed, and i said "hehe love you
too, bye". aww hes goin away the whole week. for boat camp
or somethin lol. hes a skater, and skaters are tight as
shit. i heart skaters. hm.. well imma go now.. i guess now
im not so down cus i talked about clayton : ) : ) : )
suite dreamsss... hm..

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