driven by a strange desire
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2002-09-30 07:26:20 (UTC)

drag queen blues

i am smoking what will be my last bought cig for a while.
cutting back hugely since i start upping my routine
i was violated by a drag queen tonight! hehe. ravienne
(sp?) came and pulled my legs wide apart during her show.
but the guy she pulled onstage got it much worse. his poor
face was beet red. but claire was fabulous as usual. and
krissy came out which was awesome. haven't actually been
out with her in a while.
got headphones/walkman/fish oil. bought a lot of oral
hygienical stuff. before teethbrushing/after teethbrushing
and ooh new toothbrushes.
i've had 2 long island iced teas can you tell?
today was crystal's birthday and she was looking very cute.
lauren was trying to get her to let me beat her with la's
belt. funny stuff.
i truly regret my lack of the digicam on this occasion.
i love the blues. ooh jen got me a black tin plate with
louisiana on it. it's so purty.
i need sleep.

music: highway 49 - howlin wolf
cloth: scrap tshirt/az jeans
sustenance: none
read: lo's diary
work: later later later