The mediocrity that is me
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2002-09-30 07:05:52 (UTC)

Kiss me truly.

I was kissed sober.

Yes, that's right, me. I was really and truly kissed
sober for the first time the other day. And it was
absolutely perfect.

So I'm sitting out on the grass across from centeniel
hall, looking at the stars, smoking cigarettes. Life is
beautiful. I'm happy. No, wait, I'm more than happy.
I'm content. At peace. And the stars are beautiful, and
the night is beautiful, and my life is beautiful.

I smoked seven cigarettes last night. Seven. And I
didn't even care.

So Anthony calls me at around 1 in the morning. I'm still
sitting out there, smoking and watching the stars move.
He comes out and lays on the grass with me and has a
cigarette. We lay there and talked and laughed and
generally froze to death on the grass.

And then...he reaches over and grabs my hand. My hand.
Not because he was drunk --- because he wanted to.

Then...he kissed me. My god, I have never been more
nervous or felt happier in my entire life. It was perfect
in every way.