The Shadow of Myself
2001-07-29 04:50:11 (UTC)

There are these things...

There are these things.. that no matter what you do are
always gonna be there. What bothers me sometimes.. is that
some things you can't get off your mind. You'll be trying
to think about something else.. and somehow your mind finds
a way to just get right back there. You don't want to be
thinking about it.. you want to forget all about it.. and
get over it.. but for some reason you can't. I guess in
some way though.. there is some part of me that doesn't
want to let go.. and thats why I keep going back to it.
Maybe I just wish that it would take less effort to not
think about it. I guess that even though I feel like a
pathetic dork.. who thinks way too much about things I have
no control over.. so basically I need to just get over it.