Daily Rants
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2002-09-30 05:16:48 (UTC)


From the forums at Res Life (wonderful webcomic, go read)
I give you: Great College Pranks.

did you know that rubber cement floats in toilets? and is
highly flammable? so you can pour a bunch of it in and
light it up and then watch your toilet flame...then you can
just flush the toilet to get rid of the fire..quite fun for
a lil while.

if you are an incoming freshman and want to meet women
really quickly that are very outgoing. tape up 'CALL ME'
followed by your phone number on your window. (Note:
read "outgoing" as easy, horny and most likely drunk)

One christmas three years ago, the Germans who lived in one
of the houses in our Student Village decided that they
wanted a Christmas Tree. Being too cheap to go out and buy
one (they wanted a real one, not a plastic one), they
instead borrowed a saw from somewhere and in the dead of
night sawed the top two metres off of one of the large
evergreens that dot our campus.
It gets better: These guys were very proud and protective
of their new tree, which they had decorated with home-made
ornaments made from file-paper and condiment packets swiped
from the canteen. What followed was three weeks of people
breaking into the Germans' house, stealing the tree,
setting it up in their own house and adding to the
decorations. Then the Germans would steal the tree back.
All in all, it visited more than twelve houses, and by the
end was more decoration than tree.

For those of us who are Biology majors and minors, there is
a dye called Methyl Blue. (This is a good time to suck up
to us... this stuff is GREAT!) The Methyl dyes won't wash
off... if you get it on your skin, you're stuck with it
until that layer of skin wears off. Anyway, the
aforementioned friend took a couple of Tyelenol gel caps
and removed the center medication (the powdered part)...
then put a drop of the Blue into each side and resealed the
whole pill. While his roomates were out and about, he took
the showerheads off their bathroom showers and put a couple
of pills in each showerhead. Needless to say, the gel caps
lasted about as long as it takes for the water to warm
up... and the roomates were covered in light blue spots for
about 10 days.