It's ok to be crazy
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2002-09-30 05:00:19 (UTC)

a new life

it is strange how things change without any expectaions of
change. it has been awhile since i have updated but i asure
you everything is new and different and wonderful.
the first great change in my life was meeting the love of
my life, frank. the two of us met a little over 5 months
ago. he is wonderful, everything that i ever expected and
looked for in a future husband and then some
Fantastic life alteration #2 Frank and I are having a baby.
we are just about 4 months along now.
and the final great change is Frank and I are engaged. we
have set a date for july 5th of 2003.
i have been thinking a lot lately about how amazing it is
the way sadnese sort of just fades away when life is going
in the right direction.
frank and i are happy and we love eachother so much we
can't wait for tomarrow. to see and experience all of the
experiences that life has for us and our forming family.