The Communist Corner
2002-09-30 04:10:15 (UTC)

Friday Night

Friday night *9/27/02* was fun! My friends and I went
down on campus to the MU. It was me, Nic, Ashleigh,
Alecia, Anne and Alex. It was all good. Our other friend
Conner was going to go too, but he ditched us for a CV
game!! Can't believe him!
But yeah, the MU was fun. I got to hang out with my
crush, Nic. I like him a lot. We layed down once... him,
me and Ashleigh. I layed on his stomach, and Ashleigh
layed on mine. It was exciting.
And when we were waiting for his mom to pick him up, we
were all sittin on the stairs. He sat in front of me,
layed on my legs, and I was stroking his hair, and his
forhead a lil. I liked it.
Ashleigh stayed at my house from Friday until Sunday
*today*, it was exciting.
Saturday morning we went to Nic's soccer game. Had to
wake up at 9:40am! He's a reallly good soccer player! Nic
is cool. I'm glad I decided to add him. Too bad he's going
to CV! But like he said, in High School it'll be easier to
hang out. Because we will be able to drive.
Anyway, things with Kevin aren't really going great!
Ashleigh was talking to him earlier, and he started cuttin
him self again. I think he started cuttin on his chest...
to be honest, he's starting to make me mad. Always getting
mad about practically every guy I mention. Especially the
ones that I'm really close to. I don't know seems like
whatever I do these days, makes him mad.

But whatever.