lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-09-30 04:05:01 (UTC)


this weekend was really good...a lot of stuff happened
& i don't know how to describe it all...we went to
stanford for a race and it was a cool race and we had a
ton of fun...we hung out in our hotel rooms and did gay
stuff, and then went other places like the stanford
stores and did other gay stuff...and then we went to
dinner and lunch at different places and did gay stuff.
haha we are all soo cool. and we went to a black
church and we sat in between a gay couple and a
lesbian couple at dinner...sadness in my heart. norcal
is a scary place...

but yeah, it was rad. and i think i'm doing xc again next
year. i told myself i wouldn't...but...i also told myself that
after both freshman & sophomore years...haha i'm

yeah but this weekend rocked. ee ee ee. peace out,

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