The Story of Me
2001-07-29 04:07:43 (UTC)

Burst of Inspiration.

I got hit with one of those urges to write earlier, so I
had to drop everything...right then and there to grab a
piece of paper. What came out wasn't too good...but
nevertheless here goes. The first poem that
I am willing to share.

Do you like to see me this way?
The pain inside is almost too much to bear.
I've cried too many tears over you.
It's time to rid myself...

Of your thoughts, your voice, you memories
Just let me be me
Not something you created
Let me be the person I want to be
Not the person you told me I was.

See these tears?
They aren't for you anymore.
They are for me
I'm crying because
I am burying the person I used to be
And celebrating the person
That I am about to become

These tears?
They aren't for you anymore.
You aren't even worth that much.

It's not perfect yet. I didn't have any time to look it
over and make changes, but I wanted to get it posted
tonight. Maybe in the future I will have some other poems
up here. Maybe there will be more later. If not, then
goodnight all!!