Life of Nevadagirl
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2002-09-30 03:41:37 (UTC)

here i go again .....092902

hey again
well what has happened since last time?
well m from a long time ago called and i told him how i was
trying to cut intimacy out of my life(sex) and he was like
thats cool ,take care, i told him how i missed him and i
enjoyed our times together long time ago, but its true, hes
one of the ones that all we did was be intimate, so where
does that get us? it would be cool but i am trying to
change my life, the other m never called, and thats fine i
really did not expect him to...
g came over last nite and we were intimate, so what an
oxyMORON i am, you know? trying to cut it out, then i do
it, that totally sucks, i have no self discipline or
respect, we were going to get married but then that doesnt
mean anything, do i want to be with this guy?? do i??? do i
want to live a life with him, for intimacy you are supposed
to get married, but with him? i was going to before, i even
ordered invitations with our names and date on it, but, but
things are different, why are they
what the heck am i supposed to do? and when the heck am i
going to see it? i just want to live a good life, doesnt
anyone else?
but how do we get that? faith and love right?????