16 years old and lost in life?
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2002-09-30 03:33:20 (UTC)

HOME life Sucks please help me

Not home life in general, just my Hometown Life, If you
read my last few entries you'll read that All my freinds
live an hour away, Ionly getto see them on the weekends.
My life IN DUBUQUE sucks, Im not afraid to admitt that i
don't really hve ne friends around here. I was told by
someone tonight that they wished they had my life cuz i had
4 million frinds thats not true. The friends that i have
are the freinds that gave me the chance. OF course all
these friends are from outta town. Why is dubuque such a
pain in the ass?? Why don't ppl give me a chance. Im'
short im only 5'1 im 90 lbs. and im a junior in high
school. MAybe its mi height i dont kNow, Maybe its becuase
i act to mch like my self what would that have nething to
do wit it??? I want to move...ive brought it up tomy rents
many of times, and all my mom says is "thats the worst
thing i've ever heard you say" I just wanna move I wanna
move to where i blieve my life is goingto be better. My
basketball chacnes wouldbe betterI would try harder If i
had the support from my friends. What ever, Al i know is
when im around here I just sit in my room and cry im so
depressed by how i am treated around here. I feel like ive
been tossed around like a rag doll....People wh know me
Will find out very quickly i am very nice, and i would bust
every bone in my body to make a friend happy. I woulddo
NETHING for NEONE no mattr who they are. As long as they
give me the chance to be the person i am.
I seriously dont know whattodo nemore
Please seriously PLEASE helP me...
"Live each passing second to your fullest"