2002-09-30 03:21:23 (UTC)


2night officially sucked... i found out people think im
shallow and shit.. but thats ok.. they r worse cuz they
obviously dont know me.. and they r being hypocritical or
w/e... im sooo over it hehe..ne ways.. school sux i dont
want to go.. i didnt do my homework.. but dont worry cuz
ill do it in study :o)... i think im getting sick again,
yayy :o... but once i get my tonsils ouT in octobEr, ill b
soo much better :o)!!! im kinda scaredd eeekk.. owell ill
get over it.
oo yea and i forgot to mention saturday hehe... that was
the funniest night ever.. i went to kohls w/ chrissy and
we were gunna meet these random guys that called her cell
phone .. but they never showed .. thank god we'd prolly end
up getting raped or something