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2002-09-30 03:18:21 (UTC)

Sunday time to go home!

So i woke up and spent the day around the house with
lindsie and melissa and wally and my dad. Melissa and i
went shopping and got me some stuff for school. and we got
lindsie a wicked cute little outfit. well after that
rachel and lisa showed up to bring me home.

Melissa rachel lisa and i all came back to uconn. It was
nice to be with them alone. But here i am back at school.
Another successful weekend? ha i think not.

I talked to a friend from the floor below me, and i am
really happy i did.. im glad that now he understands where
im coming from and why i have such strong morals to with
hold. We decided that, "you say oh im in love oh im in
love, but you never realize what love is. until you have
lost it, and afterwards your forever changed, and no one
can speak of it unless theyve felt it first hand."

Tonight i talked to kendle and kim which was a pleasure as

My psychic told me my horoscope and this was it:
If your professional life is happening, your private life
may need to take a back seat. The most important
friendships and relationships won't go away while you're
busy. Try not to completely abandon loved ones during this

*so my real friends will not go away? and i can come back
eventaully. I seriously hope so. itd be nice. but after
all we cant always get what we ask for. And i am
desperetly trying to not abandon my loved ones.*

My daily scope that gets sent to me said....
It's obvious that Capricorn has crashed the wrong party.
You're far too cool for the people who want to be your
friends. An immediate exit would be fine, and a graceful
one would be even better.

*I did crash the wrong party, i crashed the wrong scene.
And immediate exit or graceful exit.. only time will tell
kasey. only time will tell*

End Note: I am cursed. I'm cursed wtih the fact that i
want to help. And no matter what if ive connected or felt
something with you, i cant forget you. and i will always
be there for you. And most of all I'm cursed wtih the fact
i have unconditional faith, in everyone i love. and i love
oh so many. im cursed wtih the fact i can figure most
people out fairly easily and see through to what they are
about, and what they really want, and i see unhappiness..
sounds good? No its not. because it always leaves you
dissapointed. A loving heart isnt the best heart to own,
or so they say......

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