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2002-09-30 03:07:54 (UTC)

Sat. walk

So i woke up kinda early and went and got Carli. We drove
around and went to see meg at the mall. limited two has
cute stuff! Meg betts got beautiful.. no joke
haha well after all this i went home and got
to hang out with lindsie my baby girl for a while. She is
getting so big and so grown up that it hurts to watch her,
because in a way im missing so much. Daddy brought me
shopping and bought me a TON of new stuff. For no reason!
and it wasnt even counting towards my clothes allowance..
ya dad!

i went to get gas and on the way home i stopped to see
carli, we went to see meghan at work.

Well when meg got outa work we went for a walk. Well let
me tell you me and megs walks are well diff. we get
EXTREMELY WASTED. its tradition. we spent like an hour
sitting on the curb talking about sex experiences. ha how
fucked up is that... we kept walking and ended up getting
in the car with bill storey and gerry baldini.. dont ask i
relaly dont know?! bill could be a really good guy. he
just acts on impulse and is stupid abotu stuff. hes one of
the smartest people i know though, and people hate him,
and it doesnt help the situation. this one time i had my
fav. neclace in the world, and it broke, and he took it
and i figured hed smash it.. but he actaully fixed it for
me... hes not all bad people. it was nice to see gerry..
hes a good boy!

i just wanna say times like those all make me thank god i found meg.
she is one of the coolest people for me in the world. she gets me
through alot, just by being not involved.. its hard to explain. but
man.. i cant explain

Meg passed out on a pile of clothes, and i was so wasted i
couldnt hardly move. but i made a phone call and tried to
talk to someone that i felt things were unfinished iwth..
i needed some closure.. so i called and opps yeah it was
330. i feel bad that i called so late, and botherd him. I
feel bad that i botherd him at all. But it was nice to
hear his voice. soemtimes i guess you just dont realize
how much you miss people till you see them again. to bad
it got wierd.... I feel like i make mistakes.. but i dont mean to.
because i just want things to be ok. tahts all i want.